Black Economic Network Video42 =Top small business ideas + Malema faces the Chamber +Video5 revised.


Black Economic Network Video 42 includes the following segments.

= Bro Julius Malema = CIC of the SA-EFF (= Commander in Chief of the South African Economic Freedom Front,) address the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.

= Top 20 small business ideas.

= Ghana building cars + other modern inventions using local people + mostly local materials.

= Part 2 of How to start and grow a profitable rabbit business.

= Revision of BEnetwork Video 5 about REPARATIONS NOW to plant & grow black business + to re-introduce the channel after its 1st year.

+ Other info relevant to Africans & Diasporans such as,
= Morocco defeat Portugal to become the 1st African Team to ever qualify for the semi-finals in a World Cup.
(5 African Football Teams qualified for the (current) 2000 World Cup in Qatar & African nationals in European Football Teams & USA & UK Teams.
+ need for an Afrikan & Diasporan owned web-platform.

This video continues to encourage the development of a Black Economic Power Movement in which organizations would work together to strengthen the Pan-African Movement, and continue the work done by Hon Marcus Garvey and President Nkrumah, and Prez Nyerere and others.

These organizations include the ADDI, and the US National Bar Association, and the US Black Chamber of Commerce, and Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Pan-African Movement, and the Economic Liberation Front in South Africa to mention a few.

The mission or main goal of the Black Econ Network Channel is to build a network that will help Afrikan people plant and grow their own biz and other economic projects & programs wherever they live, especially in Africa.

Also to use political independence and power to gain financial power and win economic equality with the other races wherever we live in Africa and the Diaspora.

Business ownership and in proportion to our share of the population where we live will empower us, so give us more economic power to win our economic independence and reduce our dependence mainly on the other races for our survival.

If the other races can own profitable businesses even in communities and countries where black people are the majority, why cant we.?

Yes we can own more businesses & do more investments to employ ourselves also, if we network more with each other to cooperate and become masters of our own destiny.

We can cooperate more with each other to use political power to gain more economic power and gain economic equality with the other races.
Yes we can.!!
United we stand, but divided we fall.
Afrika for the Afrikans @ home & abroad.


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