Biophilic approach in housing can help tackle climate issues: CEO Forest Town


#ceoforesttown #climateissues #biophilicapproach #housing #Biophilic #approach #in #housing #can #help #tackle #climate #issues: #CEO #Forest #Town. Q: What is the situation of urbanization in Pakistan? A: Urbanization is a global trend. Pakistan is among the most affected countries in South Asia. The urbanization growth rate per year is 3% projected and population of Pakistan by year 2030 will be 250M. More than half of it will be living in cities. Poor land management is resulting in the spurting of ill-organized and unauthorized housing societies and these housing societies have messed up 60,000 acres of agricultural land. Q: What are the challenges of real estate/housing sector in Pakistan? A: As per UNDP Report, Pakistan has a huge housing deficit of nearly 10M units which is growing day by day. In 2035 the shortage is likely to increase by 78%.It is an affordability issue. Pakistan is ranked 8th out of 10 countries having 60% of low-quality substandard houses in the world. The utilized health service ratio is very low in urban areas. Urbanization accentuates the lack of clean drinking water and poor sanitation affecting citizens especially children at alarming levels. Rise in temperatures due to climate change is a major challenge we are facing. Q: What is the Solution? A: Today most people would imagine themselves in natural setting when asked to think of a place where they felt relaxed and calm. Biophilia is emerging global trend, which means the happiness that comes from being surrounded by nature. Forest Town revolves around the biophilic ethos. Structure with natural essentials, optimum utilization of organic living and products make you feel healthier. Eco-Friendly Forest Town is a fusion of modernity and village life. Biophilic architecture involves natural shapes and forms to provide an airy and spacious environment to build strong relationships between humans and nature. Forest Town is NOC approved by PHATA and is Pakistans 1st Biophilic housing project, offering a luxurious and contemporary lifestyle with natural essentials. In short, it is actually a City in the Garden, not Garden in the City. Forest Town offers affordable residential and commercial plots for all classes and sections of society with premium location and urban luxury with natural surroundings. Q: What is the location and what type of terrain is Forest Town surrounded by? A: Forest Town connects with the projected Ring Road through the proposed interchange in 5 minutes, 15 minutes away from Giga Mall and 10 mins away from Rawat. Forest Town situated amidst the natural terrain of the Pothohar which is ideal terrain for biophlic township suitable for organic life sustenance. Q: What Amenities are you planning to provide in Forest Town? A: We plan to provide Pollution-Free Environment, Biophilic Architecture of Houses, Rain Water Harvesting, and Solar Energy. Organic Farms, In house Organic Produce, Livestock Farming, Birds Aviary, Safari Zoo etc. We have also planned an Islamic Research Center, Jamia masjid, Modern Educational Institutes, Imam Bargah, Healthcare Facility, 24/7 Security and Surveillance, Water Theme Park, Latest Racing Tracks, Shopping Mall, Drive-Through Safari, Fitness Gym, and state of the art Greenwoods Community Club..


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