BiodiverCities: How Urban Areas Can Lead the Fight Against Climate Change (ADB Insight Full Episode)


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Cities are responsible for 75% of global emissions, which are a leading cause of climate change. But they can remain engines of economic growth and major population centers without such a heavy carbon footprint. Lena Chan, Senior Director of the National Parks Board of Singapore, discusses how cities in Asia and the Pacific can integrate biodiversity and nature-based solutions to become more livable and sustainable.

01:20 Cities are key contributors to climate change
02:25 Cities must strengthen ecological, climate, and social resilience
02:50 Balance between nature and cities must be restored
03:00 Integrate nature in city infrastructure
03:25 Urban governance must support nature-based solutions
03:43 Link urban and rural settings
03:52 Prioritize bio-circular economy
04:02 Nature-positive sentiments must be fostered
04:40 Business and financial sectors must also be involved in making cities more livable
05:38 Political will is crucial to livable cities
06:02 Nature-based solutions are key to making cities climate-resilient
07:43 Natural ecosystems in the cities must be conserved
08:50 Conservation measures should be monitored and evaluated

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