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The government recently announced the formation of a separate Union Ministry of Cooperation, a subject that till date was looked after by the Ministry of Agriculture. In the Cabinet reshuffle of July 7, Home Minister Amit Shah was given charge of the new Ministry.

A media release from the Press Information Bureau said the Ministry of Cooperation will provide a separate administrative legal and policy framework for strengthening the cooperative movement in the country.

In her Budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman too had mentioned the need to strengthen cooperatives.

In this edition of Big Picture we analyse the newly formed Ministry of cooperation.

Host: Frank Rausan Pereira, Editor-in-Chief, Bharata First… ///

A. K. Bhattacharya, Editorial Director, Business Standard… ///
Ajay Dua, Former Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry… ///
Vineeta Hariharan, Public Policy Expert… ///

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UPSC Mains Probable Question:
What are Co-operative societies? What was the need of carving out a new Coperation Ministry? & also discuss its effect of Co-operatives in India.

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