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Consumer Electronics Show 2024, the world’s largest technology exhibition, just concluded in Las Vegas, bringing together major tech players and cutting-edge startups. In this video, we dive into the most exciting surprises from CES, featuring groundbreaking advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and futuristic concept cars.

XPENG AEROHT, an affiliate of XPeng Inc., is the largest flying car company in Asia. Integrating intelligent vehicles and modern aviation, company produces intelligent electric flying car for individual users. Company presented the newest flying car model AeroHT, and announced mass production in 2025.

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0:00 robot exhibition in the USA
0:53 Flying Car and Land Aircraft Carrier by XPENG AEROHT
2:20 Miroki service robots from Enchanted Tools
3:36 Non-human companion robot from Ogmen Robotics
4:31 Exoskeletons from Hypershell
5:28 Home robot – AI agent from LG
6:54 Samsung’s updated home robot
8:09 An exact replica of Perseverance in a constructor from CircuitMess
8:52 New humanoid robot from China
10:07 Medical robot from SquareMind
10:26 The perfect robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock
11:13 Cooler Master
11:24 Hyundai S-A2 electric airplane
12:33 Unusual concept car from Hyundai Mobis
13:14 Delivery robot MOBINN
13:34 Rabbit R1 smartphone replacement
14:32 Mask for subway talkers from Skyted
15:24 New Helix Electric Flyer
15:51 X1 Interpreter Hub – “Babel fish” in real life
16:35 ChatGPT in IDA from Volkswagen
17:01 New concepts from Honda
18:26 Nimble manicure robot
19:18 AI and concepts from Mercedes
21:03 Hexagro
21:23 EVTOL by DTA
21:52 Virtual Office by Katmai
22:47 Smart robots by Doosan Robotics
23:37 Futuristic concepts from Horwin

Xong Ack, a subsidiary of Chinese electric car manufacturer Xun, stole the spotlight with its impressive concept car, the Transformer. This innovative vehicle promises ease of operation, making it accessible without extensive training. The X1 Arrow Iito flying car stands out with its sleek design, transforming seamlessly from a supercar on the road to a flying wonder in the sky. With a transparent exterior, futuristic dashboard, and unique flight control system, this flying car offers a thrilling experience. The company plans to start production and sales of another concept, the land aircraft carrier, by the end of 2025.

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Enchanted Tools brought its Miroi mobile service robots to the CES playground, featuring a design inspired by anime and Pixar characters. These robots, native to France, aim to assist in hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels. With commands like “hey robot, move this” or “bring this tray here,” Miroi efficiently carries out tasks with its opposable four-fingered hands and ball-based movement system. Despite a development cost of $17 million, the company is optimistic about Miroi’s future applications, currently testing in experimental sites and research laboratories.

Augmen Robotics showcased its companion robot, Oro, designed specifically for pets. Oro autonomously moves around the house, engaging with animals through play, treats, and even administering medicine if needed. The developers emphasize the robot’s safety for pets and its focus on mental stimulation.

In new year we seems to be the year of wearable devices and robots with generative artificial intelligence, and Samsung is no stranger to this trend. This year, they showcase an upgraded version of the Bali home robot, now a robust mobile projector with built-in AI capabilities.

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