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Learn How To Find Your Perfect Homestead

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Part 1: TIME TO GET OUT! –
Part 2: Where To START? –
Part 3: Don’t Live Anywhere Near THIS! –
Part 4: #1 overlooked variable –
Part 5: What I Love Most About My Homestead –
Part 6: Essential for Life –
Part 7: PRIVACY –
Part 10: Zones of Use –

A homestead property could be everything you’ve dreamed of, but sometimes things outside your control can make it less than perfect. That’s why it’s important to consider everything in the area around your property, not just what’s inside your boundaries.

About Daniel Cortes:
Daniel Cortes has been building complex JavaScript front ends for top organizations in the South for the past five years. With an innate ability to simplify co mplex topics, Daniel has been mentoring engineers on the job.

He also started the urban farm Microurb Farms in 2017. His mission with Microurb Farms is to show others how they can grow a lot of food on a small plot of land and even making a living from it if you so desire right from your own backyard.
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