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Explore the Best of Arizona Innovation on this special episode of Made In America as we venture across the Grand Canyon State to meet farmers, scientists, restaurateurs, and some outrageous craft brewers helping Arizonans beat the heat with cutting edge innovation. The weather might be hot and dry, but with creative solutions for conserving water and building food security, these Arizonans are bringing the desert to life.

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00:00 325 People Move to Arizona Every Day
00:19 One of America’s Hottest Cities
00:40 Phoenix’s Office of Heat Response and Mitigation
01:23 Studying the Urban Heat Island at ASU
02:00 MaRTy, the Weather Robot
02:14 ANDI, the Sweating Breathing Mannequin
02:43 Effects of Extreme Heat on the Human Body
03:03 Agriculture Brings Jobs to Arizona
03:37 Indigenous Agricultural Heritage at Mission Garden
04:16 Growing Desert Food Security with Pivot Produce
04:41 Farm to Table at 5 Points Market and Restaurant
05:25 Local Farmers Thrive in Tucson
05:48 Arizona’s Best Craft Breweries
06:29 Popcycle Blonde at OHSO
06:51 Kilt Lifter at Four Peaks Brewing Co.
07:11 Brew Your Own Beer at OHSO
07:35 Saving Water Brewing Beer
08:23 Reducing Waste for Arizona’s Wilderness
09:30 Building Community with Arizona Hospitality

Best of Arizona Innovation | Made In America

Directed by Eric Feigenbaum
Created by Conor Gaughan and Kate Tucker
Written by Geoff Rock
Hosted by Kate Tucker

Featuring in order of appearance:
David Hondula – Director, Heat Response & Mitigation, City of Phoenix
Jennifer Vanos – Assistant Professor in Climate & Health, Arizona State University
David Sailor – Former Director, Urban Climate Research Center / Professor, Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, Arizona State University
Ariane Middel – Director, The SHaDE Lab / Assistant Professor, Arts, Media & Engineering, Arizona State University
Konrad Rykaczewski – Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University
Erik Stanford – Founder & Operations Manager, Pivot Produce
Jasper Ludwig – Co-Founder & Co-Owner, 5 Points Market & Restaurant
Brian Haskins – Co-Founder & Co-Owner, 5 Points Market & Restaurant
Cale Aylsworth – Sales & Relations Ambassador, O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery
Jon Lane – Co-Founder & Owner, O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery
Teddy Golden – Chief Wow Officer, Four Peaks Brewing Company
Bret Waters – Brewmaster, O.H.S.O. Arcadia
Melissa Osborne – Head Innovation Brewer, Four Peaks Brewing Company
Jim Roper – Head of Brewing Operations, Four Peaks Brewing Company
Chris Meyer – General Manager, Four Peaks Brewing Company
Scott Brady – Brewery Production Manager, O.H.S.O Paradise Valley

Filmed in Phoenix, Tucson, and Tempe at Arizona State University, O.H.S.O. Arcadia, O.H.S.O. Paradise Valley, Four Peaks Brewing Co., Mission Garden, 5 Points Market & Restaurant, and Pivot Produce.

Special thanks to Thermetrics for additional footage.

Produced by Consensus Digital Media in partnership with Remedial Media

Executive Producer – Kate Tucker
Executive Producer – Jessie English
Executive Producer – Eric Feigenbaum
Executive Producer – Conor Gaughan

Supervising Producer – Geoff Rock
Editor – Jessica Lazar
Assistant Editor – Dustin Waldman
Director of Photography – Isaac Rosenthal
Camera Operator – Eddie Bernard
Gaffer / Drone Operator – Fletcher Anstis
Sound Engineer – Tom Eichler
Production Assistant, Phoenix – Kevin Hoffmann
Production Assistant, Tucson – Reymar Reyes
Hair & Makeup, Phoenix – Azure Schaffer
Hair & Makeup, Tucson – Margarita Godiva
Wardrobe – Hollie Van Osenbruggen
Audio Mixer / Sound Design – Dillon Terry
Color Grading – Ind3x
Motion Graphics – Yuriy Netrebyuk
Graphic Design – Stephen Lepsch

Music courtesy of Soundstripe, Artlist, & Audiio

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