Berlin’s Startup Scene #4 Infarm


As the capital of a country known for world-class industrial strength, Berlin is Germany’s famous laggard in terms of capital and labor. But what it lacks in traditional industry, it makes up for with innovative startups. Our special video series takes a look at eight companies helping to transform the “poor but sexy” city into a darling of Germany Inc. Part 4 looks at Infarm, which is using vertical farming in cities to feed growing populations with fresher produce.

Erez Galonska, co-founder, Infarm
Pavlos Kalaitzoglou, chief science officer, Infarm
Nikolas Samios, COO, German Startup Group
Boris Buono, chef
Eran Davidzon, Founder, Davidzon Technology Growth Debt Fund
Aner Ravon, co-founder and CPO, ZIRRA


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