Bengaluru – A city of thousand urban farms


Urban farming and sustainable city models get a breakthrough in India with an amazing partnership of citizens and corporates.
Woolly Farm’s mission of building thousand urban farms in Bengaluru with the partnership from public and corporate gains momentum with its newest urban farm on the 6th floor of SPAR Headquarters in India. The SPAR agrihood ( as we call our urban farms ) has been functioning for the last 6 months and ready to increase productivity tenfold now.

– How SPAR and their consumers benefitted with highly nutritious fresh Indian Green right from their rooftop on the 6th floor.
— Concept of Agrihoods as a lifestyle community.
— The mission of Bengaluru as a city of thousand Farms.
— How each of us can bring a change to the food we consume by being part of this New Earth movement.

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