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Benefits of Hydroponics and Why is Hydroponics good


In this video, I attempt to explain why is hydroponics good to use for production of vegetables. I had posted about What is Hydroponics and also Frequently asked questions on Hydroponics.

This video is a continuation to that series. If you havent watched those videos, I suggest you watch them and see this video for complete context.

What is Hydroponics – https://youtu.be/iPB_jab6fD0
Hydroponics FAQ – https://youtu.be/N1wFtQL0kLA

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Reasons why Hydroponics is a great technique to use
1. Ability to produce crops where fertile land is not available.
2. Ability to save water
3. Nutritionally complete produce
4. Less incidence of weeds and limits the use of Weedicides
5. Higher and Faster Yield.

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