Be! Fund – Rajesh's Urban Farming & Rainwater Harvesting Business


Going to School’s mission is to empower all children to develop the skills they need to participate in the economy and to solve poverty, unemployment, and inequality. We believe in the power of stories to transform the way children learn and create their own opportunities.

This is the story of Rajesh.
Rajesh lives in Kurubarahalli, a suburban area in Bangalore.
Everything around him is grey; more buildings mean less greenery, and fewer plants mean that the water is gone too.

Rajesh has designed a business which will put green on the top of houses and save water. Rajesh wants to build urban farms and rainwater harvesting systems. He has tested his idea by setting up two small urban farms in his neighbourhood. The idea was a success and customers are happy. They have a regular supply of healthy, organic fruits and organic vegetables, and they save money.

Rajesh has done his research. There is no one who runs a similar business in his community. He has lined up potential customers, and has a marketing plan to find more. He has found three people he wants to hire. They believe in greening Bangalore too! Rajesh heard about Be! Fund on TV and knew this was the right time for him to start his social business.

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