Battery Urban Farm


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Battery Urban Farm, a one acre educational urban farm in New York City. It’s a place for children to explore a thriving natural ecosystem tucked between soaring skyscrapers and the staten island ferry. It gives downtown residents, business men and women, commuters tourists, a place to pick up a trowel. It’s a place where New Yorkers can get their hands dirty.
Battery Urban Farm was only supposed to be around for one year, but that first year, we taught 870 students. What do you say to 870 students who had fallen in love with farming? You say yes. Everyone agreed the farm had to stay.
In our second year, we tripled our staff, doubled our volunteers, and were able to teach over 1800 students on the farm.
And now we need your help.
Help us say yes to every school that knocks on our door — we’d love to teach every class and welcome every child who wants to farm with us.


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