Basic guidelines on how to communicate about strawberry yield


“All we can hear when talking about CEA is all the amazing technology we use to measure basically everything with countless data points per millisecond,” Olivier Paulus, Co-founder of Vertiberry, a Belgian agtech based in Brussels. 

“Of what’s been shared online, yield and energy input data mostly seem to be missing. And when they are shared, it’s often not in a relevant way,” Olivier adds.

That’s why he has taken it upon himself to write a whitepaper with some basic guidelines on how the industry can better communicate about yield.

“I’m truly convinced that by doing this, everyone can jointly improve the credibility of our industry. And no, there is no need at all to share any trade secrets or know-how to do this, so this is not a valid excuse.

Click here to request the whitepaper. 

Photo taken at Vertiberry

Formerly known as Urban Harvest, changed its name to Vertiberry, which best suits its newest focus: developing and marketing indoor vertical farming systems for strawberries. Besides that, the company has various trips planned to New York, Vancouver, and Ontario (Canada) to sit down with multiple partners and investors.

Alongside with name swap, the Vertiberry Data Container has been launched. This is a new-generation container farm for strawberry R&D for anyone interested in gaining more insights into cultivating the fruiting crop. 

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Olivier Paulus, Co-founder 

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