Barriers to Renewable Energy Development and Ways to Overcome Them


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Join Dr. John Parkins as he presents “Barriers to Renewable Energy Development and Ways to Overcome Them” as part of the Exploring Energy Systems webinar 5 – Where You Fit in the Evolving Energy System. Watch the full webinar here

Energy systems are so vast that changing them might seem impossible. What role can each of us play in helping our entire society shift from older sources to sustainable ones? In this session, we will examine the importance of energy literacy, and discuss the tools each of us can use to better manage our own energy and emissions footprint. We will also touch on the role of social media, the importance –– and danger –– of misinformation, and the influence of a person’s local experience on their energy perspective.

Session 5: Where You Fit in the Evolving Energy System
Hosted on 14 April 2022, 15:30 -17:00 MT

Sandeep Agrawal, Professor and Director, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta
John Parkins, Professor, Department of Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta
Rochelle Longval, Fellow, Energy Futures Lab
Max Fawcett, Lead Columnist, Canada’s National Observer
Moderator: Evan Davies, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta

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Exploring Energy Systems
What is our energy system? What does that mean and what does it encompass? How will the energy transition evolve and why will it do so?

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Answering these kinds of questions is no small task. By their very nature, there are many facets to consider and many uncertainties in our answers. This is further complicated by the complexity of the technologies, services, and management involved in operating our energy system.

A panel of experts would be required to begin to unpick and decode all the relevant questions and quandaries. The Energy Systems Signature Area is proud to introduce a new seminar series designed to do just that.

Exploring Energy Systems is a webinar series designed to introduce different aspects of energy systems through a holistic lens and featuring diverse experts representing a broad crosssection of the energy systems landscape.

Each session will break an issue or topic down to digestible pieces, examining a basic question or component critical to understanding our energy systems, both in their current form and how they might or should develop in the future.


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