Barcelona meets Cologne – Rethinking urban public space


Barcelona is a dense, compact city which has no big parks or green areas. Nowadays it is affected by the consequences of old carbon based mobility models. In 2020 the city declared the Climate Emergency, and is willing to reprogram itself towards a greener, more sustainable and more comfortable city with more social activity. The strategy to do this transformation is called Superblock Barcelona.

The presentation will shortly expose the highlights of three programs of the City Council under the Superblock Strategy to achieve this transformation:
– Green corridors
– Let’s protect schools
– Superblocks green streets and new squares
Daniel Alsina Torra, coordinator of the Superblock Technical Office in Barcelona, presents the well-known Barcelona Superblocks.

Format: Presentation
Host: Totinia Hörner

Im Anschluss an den Vortrag „Reprogramming Barcelona“ zu den berühmten Barcelona Superblocks heißen wir neben dem Koordinator des Superblock Technical Office, Daniel Alsina Torra, den Kölner Beigeordneten für Mobilität Ascan Egerer willkommen. Gemeinsam mit Moderatorin Totinia Hörner gehen wir der Frage nach, welche Strategien die beiden Städte verfolgen, wenn es um die faire Aufteilung des Straßenraumes geht. Welche Herausforderungen gilt es zu überwinden?


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