Backyard micro-farm gets pollination boost and a honey harvest in 3 months


Helena’s micro-farm sanctuary in the Hollywood Hills, has received a pollination boost with the introduction of two Flow Hives, supporting her to grow things naturally.

A first-time beekeeper, she chose the most modern and efficient way to keep bees in her backyard and enjoyed her first honey harvest after only three short months!

Learn why Helena loves this gentle method of harvesting her own honey straight from the hive.

00:00 intro
00:17 Tour of micro-farm
00:35 Why choose a Flow Hive
01:50 Taste of today’s harvest
02:08 What bees foraged on
02:13 How beekeeping changed Helena
03:05 Teaser for another episode

🐝 Learn how to get started in 3 simple steps 👉

Happy Beekeeping from Flow Hive!

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