Australian Fish Farmers Produce Thousands Of Tons Of Fish This Way


Australia is a land of abundant natural resources and diverse wildlife, but few would guess that one of the country’s biggest success stories is the booming fish farming industry. Every year, thousands of tons of fish are farmed in Australia, providing an incredible source of both food and income for the nation. Australian farmers have mastered the art of successfully raising different species of fish in controlled environments.

__But how do they do it? What’s their history? How did they increase the production level by so much? And how has aquaculture changed the world? Let’s dive in!

Sustainable seafood supplies are in high demand due to rising populations in Australia. The appetite for seafood has grown rapidly during the last three decades. Currently, the demand for seafood in Australia exceeds the supply from local producers. __If developed, local aquaculture might be able to help supply both the local and worldwide demand. Aquaculture has grown all throughout Australia, from the tropical north to the temperate south. The aquaculture business in Australia is predominantly centered in rural areas, where it has the potential to significantly and positively impact regional development.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
3:36 Rules and regulations for fish farming in Australia
5:19 How aquaculture has changed the world
7:30 Australian Aquaculture History

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