Attabad Lake: A Tragedy or a Blessing in Disguise? | Displaced by Disaster | Ep 1


A village turned into a lake, a landslide drowned many villages, a popular tourist site built on the lives of locals; Episode 01 of TCM’s exclusive documentary ‘Displaced by Disaster’ captures the real story behind the Attabad landslide in 2010 which later became a political battle.

TCM’s exclusive documentary ‘Displaced by Disaster’ delves into the catastrophic impact of climate change in the northern parts of Pakistan and how increased tourism, deforestation and unplanned urban development is paving way for disasters like landslides and flash floods in the years to come.

TCM’s five-year journey has been about telling stories that people want to hear which mainstream media has been neglecting for decades. We want to disrupt the status quo by delivering engaging content which empowers impassioned voices and impacts social change. We are defined by integrity, grit and ingenuity and this is what makes us do what we do.

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