at #Ramban district #jammuandkashmir roadshow against Climate Awareness Campaign


At #Ramban District🏔️ Jammu and Kashmir in Himalayas 🏔️ against Climate Change Crises and Global Warming. In Jammu National Highway inclement weather conditions, land slides, and thousands of acres Forestry Lands are destroyed for highways expansion, Digging, Tunnels, Cutting Trees, 😭 and we are slowly losing Nature and Natural Resources and Nature Environment and our Beauty of Jammu and Kashmir 🏔️🌨️🌳
Millions of Vehicles with Billions of People and Pollution mitigation and whether Changes ! What are the human ways in future ?
Along with the changing modern civilization, for this great life that people are choosing, billions of people are migrating to the cities, they are suffering along with more pollution, and huge natural resources are also needed, and Water, Air, Agriculture Lands, Forestry, Mountains all these are also more polluted and daily needs which future people need is decreasing and oxygen is also becoming troublesome for us and due to drastic changes in climate itn leads to huge melting of Snow 🌨️ in Himalayas ,so please minimise small transportation systems, urban dreams and save our natural Resources 🏔️ 🌳

12 Year Old International Young Climate and Environmental Activist and Global Climate Awareness Campaigner


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