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Assistant Herdsperson Apprenticeship in Maine



Assistant Herdsperson Apprenticeship at Hart-to-Hart Farm in Albion, Maine – 2021

Hart-to-Hart Farm is a family owned and operated 60 cow organic dairy farm located in Albion, Maine offering a variety of educational programs with their Assistant Herdsperson Apprenticeship Our mission is to reconnect with our soil as to nurture the plants, animals and the people who feed from the land; to sell nourishing products and to promote quality education to strengthen understanding about sustainable, local agriculture. We are hiring a farm apprentice or full-time person who has an enthusiasm and genuine interest in learning about organic farming, a strong work ethic and desire to take pride in their work, and the ability to take on a wide array of responsibilities over time.

The Assistant Herdsperson will do most of the following:

  • Care for calves and heifers: feeding, handling, and maintaining a clean bedded area
  • Operate a skidsteerer to clean out barns
  • Set up and breakdown milking system
  • Move milking herd to holding area for milking
  • Maintain high quality milking protocols standards
  • Feeding and caring for various livestock (horse, chicken, goats, and sheep)
  • Manage summer rotational pastures
  • Build and maintain fencing system
  • Operated tractors and truck during cropping season
  • Farm maintenance and repair work (carpentry experience a bonus)
  • Record keeping
  • Learn organic livestock health management & treatment

The right person for the Assistant Herdsperson Apprenticeship will be:

  • Able to maintain a positive attitude
  • View physical labor in a positive light, and enjoy pushing themselves through challenging physical tasks
  • Able to see the humor in work and life, and laugh accordingly
  • Interest in organic farming
  • Self-motivated and self-aware
  • Dependable and have access to reliable transportation
  • Willing and able to accept feedback gracefully, and adapt accordingly
  • Eager to learn
  • Comfortable working both in groups and independently
  • A problem solver
  • Detail oriented and observant
  • Comfortable working outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Able to lift and carry 50 lbs,
  • Comfortable around livestock and dogs


  • Farming experience is preferred, but not necessary. Applicants without farming experience should be prepared to explain how their work or life history has prepared them for the rigors of farm work.
  • Experience with physical or outdoor work, or work in fast paced environments is strongly preferred.
  • A valid driver’s license is strongly preferred, and the ability to drive a standard vehicle is preferred but not required.
  • Experience with basic tools, basic carpentry, and a handy problem-solving aptitude is helpful.

50-60 hours per week (during peak season) We expect you to work 6 days a week with a guaranteed day off.

Stipend: $800 – $1000 per month depending on experience

Minimum length of stay: 3 months

End of season Performance Bonus

Room & Board Provided

To apply for the Assistant Herdsperson Apprenticeship:

Send cover letters, resume and 3 references to hart2hartfarm@gmail.com

Phone: 207-437-2441


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