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The world is facing a food crisis. The U.N. World Food Programme warned that “a record 345 million acutely hungry people are marching to the brink of starvation”. And one of the world’s most important protein sources is dwindling – fish.

Two-thirds of the world’s fish stocks are either fished at their limit or overfished. In the South China Sea, Vietnamese fishing boats vie with Chinese fleets for shrinking fishing grounds. In Indonesia, rising fuel prices mean fishermen are leaving their boats in the docks, unable to afford traveling beyond the overfished coastal waters. In India, climate change and heatwaves are wreaking havoc on wild fisheries and fish farms, as water temperature becomes unconducive for aquaculture.

What are the solutions? Can we save our fishing industries in time?

0:00 Introduction
2:37 Why Asia’s oceans are running out of fish
17:47 Impact of shrinking fish stock on fishing community
21:18 How climate change affects fish stocks
23:06 Rise in aquaculture (fish farming) in Asia
28:14 Climate change and poor maintenance threaten fish farms
32:54 Can high-tech fish farms ease fish shortage?
37:34 Developing plant-based seafood alternatives
42:13 Can the fishing industry be reformed?

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