Arcosanti: An Alternative to Urban Disaster


Hi everyone! Today we look at the desert utopia of Arcosanti. Described by its founder as “an alternative to urban disaster”. Hope you enjoy the video!

I N S T A G R A M➜
Y O U T U B E➜
Today we discuss Arcosanti by Paolo Soleri. A utopia created by merging the two focus areas of architecture and arcology. Built in 1970 it is now home to about 80 people.

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Video Footage:
GQ Tour of Arcosanti:
Arcosanti video tour:
Interview with Paolo Soleri:
New York City 4K Drone footage:
Singapore’s journey to a greener future:
Al Gore Warns Polar Ice May Be Gone in Five Years:
Climate town:
Urban Sprawl:
Why City Design is Important:
Cosanti tour video:

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