Architectural Thesis Walkthrough — Adaptive Peri-Urban Farming Community


An Adaptive Development of a Peri-Urban Farming Community to Adverse Socio-Cultural Impacts of Baguio Urban Sprawl

Through the history of the urbanization of Baguio city resulting to unplanned and unregulated urban expansion from its city core to the boundaries of the outskirts and the peri-urbans affecting the socio-culture of farming communities, has been becoming a common modern time scenario. The homogenization of urban trends has radically encroached into the culture, identity, and traditions of neighboring farming communities which shall respectfully be handed over from their forebears to the next generations. In this study, was identified and analyzed the degree of socio-cultural vulnerability of the peri-urban farming communities in Baguio that have been drastically impacted by the dominant alien culture of the urban. Their lifestyles and activities was processed and found to be altered over time. The socio-cultural patterns of the farming communities in this city are being drastically converted through the emergence of the ever-expanding urban sprawl. By the use of adaptive approach through agricultural urbanism, these communities are able to maintain farming based livelihood culture at the same time integrate with urban development by generating harmonious strategic transitions, and maneuvering urban sprawl into lessening its adverse socio-cultural impacts. Communal and tourism facilities are promoted in order to preserve the local lifestyle and interaction that strengthens the identity of a peri-urban farming community.

Software used: SketchUp, Enscape, Adobe Premiere Pro

Background music: Modern Corporate & Business Background Music / Presentation Music Instrumental – AShamaluevMusic


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