Andrew Jones | Citizens’ Climate Lobby | January 2023 Monthly Meeting


What will it take to keep global warming below dangerous thresholds? Thanks to Andrew Jones and his team at Climate Interactive, we have answers to that question. They developed the climate simulators, C-ROADS and En-ROADS, that make it easy for users to see how combinations of various solutions will affect global temperatures. As Citizens’ Climate Lobby explores legislation to address climate change, these simulators can show us how to get the biggest bang for our buck. (Spoiler alert: Pricing carbon has the greatest impact.)

In addition to being the director and co-founder of Climate Interactive, Andrew has worked at the Rocky Mountain Institute and Sustainability Institute. He currently teaches system dynamics at MIT Sloan and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Climate Interactive:
En-Roads Summary:
En-Roads Simulator:
Online En-Roads Course:
En-Roads Action Team on CCL Community:


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