Anastasia Rubio's research on urban trees and biodiversity | Why is that important? | #short


Anastasia Rubio came all the way from the Yale School of Environment at Yale University (USA) to write her master’s thesis in the Sylvanus research group at ITAS.
In her master’s thesis, she is analyzing the red oak Quercus rubra, which originates from the USA, and comparing it with the Norwegian maple Acer platanoides 🍁. She wants to compare these two tree species in different locations: Karlsruhe, Germany and New Haven, Conneticut. 🌳

Her cross-continental hypothesis is to test that a species in its native environment has more biodiversity 🐛 but perhaps higher susceptibility to disease due to climate change impacts than an exotic environment.
In addition, she wants to check if these two factors also depend on location (i.e., if the tree is on the street or in the park).
We are happy to be able to accompany Anastasia in her work!

More information about the Sylvanus research group at ITAS:

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