An In Depth Look at JCOS Forestry


Explore why and how JCOS manages the forests of our parks. This video includes information on wildfire mitigation, forest restoration, native plant and wildlife protection, and other important aspects of our complicated forest management efforts.

00:00 Introduction and Credentials
00:46 Why the Work is Needed
01:40 Environmental Science
02:24 Climate Change
02:42 Colorado Population – Wild Urban Interface
03:01 How JCOS Selects Areas for Treatment
03:57 What the Work Looks Like
04:19 Large Trees vs. Old Growth
04:59 Dead Woody Material/Snags
05:31 Slash Management
05:51 Equipment
06:08 Trail Closures
06:27 Flagging
06:51 Wood Products
07:33 Soil Disturbance
08:00 Vegetation Recovery
08:27 Noxious Weeds
08:30 Closing


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