America's SHOCKING Large Indoor Shrimp Farm Sells More Than 2 Million Shrimp Every Year


those in the seafood industry, America’s TransparentSea Indoor Shrimp Farm is nothing less than an incredible success story. Founded in 2019, this innovative business has grown to become one of the largest indoor shrimp farms in the United States, selling more than two million shrimp every year. But just how does this indoor shrimp farm manage to sell more than two million shrimp each year? Can all of these shrimp be produced in a controlled environment? How does the farm ensure that the shrimp are sustainable and healthy for consumers? What sets this unique farm apart from other seafood suppliers?

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:48 The business: TransparentSea
2:40 How TransparentSea’s Indoor Shrimp Farm Operates
4:21 TransparentSea’s Unique Shrimp Species & Technology
6:44 Sustainable Practices at TransparentSea

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