American Fish Farmers Use 778 Million Acres Of Farmland This Way


The United States of America is a huge country with many different kinds of ecosystems and landscapes. The nation is rich in variety, from vast deserts to towering mountains and lush agriculture. The roughly 778 million acres of cropland used by American fish growers is one such resource. The effects of farming and fish farming on the ecosystem are too great to be disregarded!

America’s agriculture has long been home to cattle, swine, and poultry but now fish are joining the herd.__ Aquaculture, or fish farming, is gaining popularity as a means for farmers to diversify their businesses and respond to rising consumer demand for seafood. And it’s not limited to the coastal areas only, rural areas are also affected.

Farmers are utilizing anything from ponds and tanks to hydroponic systems to cultivate fish on their property. Because of the enclosed nature of these facilities, farmers have complete control over the circumstances in which their fish are raised.__ Filtration devices keep the water clean and clear, and a specially designed feed is given to the fish.
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4:22 New techniques and technologies used by American Fish farmers
5:40 Main challenges faced by the American Fish farming Industry
7:50 Future of fish aquaculture in America

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