All NEW 2024 BMW iX5 Hydrogen – Pilot LAUNCH for Production


The BMW Group is investing heavily in hydrogen technology research, which includes the potential for fuel-cell powered aircrafts to bring zero-emission air travel closer. The group is actively collaborating with the aviation industry, universities and innovative partner companies to develop solutions that make emission-free flying a reality.

Hydrogen also has possibilities in many aspects of our lives – like heating and power production. The BMW Group hopes to work towards greater versatility in utilising hydrogen as a source of energy in urban areas too. To this end, they are exploring creating real world implementation ideas alongside other key players in the form of new business models or services.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen represents an important milestone on the way towards sustainable mobility for people around the globe. It not only provides an insight into what is possible with FCEV technology today but also sets the stage for further developments down the line from other carmakers and other industries such as aviation and urban planning.

The BMW Group intends to make their contribution to these ongoing developments by continuing investment into further innovation of hydrogen technology which can help drive forward decisive changes towards sustainability and climate neutrality everywhere.

FCEVs offer greater potential than ever before for a sustainable future and it is hoped that through partnerships with public bodies, universities and innovative collaborators, this technology can continue to drive forward positive changes towards emissions free sectors across multiple industries worldwide.

Source: BMW


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