All About Urban Farming In India feat. Farming V2 | Founder – Rohit Nagdewani


In this podcast you will learn about an urban farming method from Mr. Rohit Nagdewani who is the founder of Farming V2. Farming V2 is a hydroponic farming setup wherein plants grow without soil and uses 20 times less water than what is used in traditional farming.

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00m 52s – About Farming V2
02m 12s – Is hydroponic a new concept?
03m 08s – Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Farming
03m 44s – Does the quality of food remains the same or degrades in hydroponic farming?
05m 36 – From where plants get nutrition in this type of farming?
06m 21s – Can you set up a hydroponic farm at home?
06m 31s – How you can order from Farming V2?
07m 02 – Rohit Sir’s vision ahead
07m 35s – Will Hydroponic Farming affect Traditional Farming?
09m 07s – Target Market of Hydroponics business
09m 47s – Best Moment in Sir’s life since he started Hydroponics business
10m 54s- About Sir’s background and early life
12m 24s – Sir’s view on mentorship and his mentors
13m 06s – How to decide the right time to quit a company or shut a venture?
14m 29s – Pre-planning you need to make a switch from job to business
17m 02s – How to come out of “Only Money makes you successful” mindset?
20m 40s – Rapid Fire


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