Agri Tourism


#travel and #tourism are big business across the world. In types of Tourism, Agri tourism (AT) is the practice of attracting #travellers and urban folks to an area used primarily for agricultural purpose. AT is the symbiotic association of #farming sector, tourism industry and farming #business.
The concept of AT is very simple, whereby the urban tourists go to the agriculture farms and stays inside the farm with all facilities and engage in all kind of farming activities. In few places the hosts are arranging traditional clothes, popular local food, local folk music and dance. In turn, the farmers maintain farm hygiene, guide the visitors in the farm and sell his farm produce at good price without middle man involvements and earns livelihood round the year.
In India, farmers have tremendous opportunity in AT. In many regions of India, farmers are recognizing the need and desire to diversify their farm products and supplement their income. AT increases the potential for higher margin on farm sales of the produce further diversifying the product line of farm operation. In India, states like Kerala, Maharashtra, North Eastern States and Goa promotes AT to market their local agriculture produce, traditions and life style apart from enhancing their income.

Scope of AT is inexpensive, rural recreation, desire for a tranquil get away, educational value of farming. Advantages are AT brings primary sector agriculture closer to major service sector tourism. Form of niche tourism. AT a strong supplementary source of income for farmers, generates more rural employment, leading to rural development. AT has immense scope of growth. Government support can increase the outreach of AT. State owned land can be cultivated and farmers educated to facilitate AT.

Indian tourism industry is growing rapidly. Through AT development, farmers can become entrepreneurs. AT contributes to rural development by creating employment opportunities and empowerment of rural people. Not to undermine the positive impact of good health of the tourists by promoting healthy food and peaceful recreation in tranquil rural surroundings.


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