Agrarian Trust: Rethinking Farmland Access & Tenure with Kristina Villa at the 2022 WFAN conference


Agriculture is in a crisis. Land is being transferred out of the hands of farmers for development, speculation, and consolidation into industrial-scale operations that pollute drinking water and rivers, erode soil, degrade ecosystems, emit greenhouse gas, and impose exploitative labor conditions. Eighty percent of farmworkers are Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, yet as a direct result of colonial and racist acts of dispossession, Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian American, and other farmers of color own less than two percent of United States farmland. As the farmer population in the US ages, more than 400 million acres of farmland are expected to change hands during this decade and the next. The Agrarian Commons model is an important tool that can be used at the local level to interrupt patterns of consolidation and dispossession and ensure that this farmland is passed on to next-generation farmers with secure and affordable land tenure.


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