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Agrarian Program Apprenticeships in NM, CO, MT


New Agrarian Program Apprenticeships from Quivira Coalition in New Mexico, Colorado, and Montana – 2022

Applications for New Agrarian Program Apprenticeships open November 1st and close December 15, 2021. Apprenticeships take place on working ranches across New Mexico, Colorado, and Montana, starting in March/April 2022 and running through November 2022. For more information visit: www.quiviracoalition.org/newagrarian 

To check out a full list of mentor sites, visit https://quiviracoalition.org/locations/

The New Agrarian Program (NAP) partners with skilled ranchers and farmers to offer 8-month apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture. This program is designed to support the next generation of food producers with a sincere commitment to life at the intersection of conservation and regenerative agriculture. NAP mentors are dedicated stewards of the land; they practice intentional, regenerative methods of food or fiber production, provide excellent animal care, and are skilled and enthusiastic teachers.

Contact Hours – Apprentices can expect approximately 400-600 direct contact hours with their mentor, within an overall training hours of 1200-1600 over an eight month period of six-day work weeks. 

Compensation- Apprentices will receive a monthly stipend, housing and a partial food allowance from the mentor operation.

Orientation – Apprentices attend a group orientation in the spring and a mid-season gathering in the summer. 

Skills Checklist – Apprentices check in regularly with mentors to review skills checklists and discuss other topics or concerns as needed.

Ranch/Farm Visits -Apprentices seek out, arrange, and conduct site visits to other operations to gain exposure to different perspectives and practices.

Supplemental Education – Apprentices participate in online instruction covering a range of topics relevant to land and soil health, biological monitoring, and introductory business development and financial management, offered by NAP staff and guest speakers.

Quivira Conference – Apprentices attend the annual Quivira Conference. Graduation from the program takes place and is celebrated at the conference.

NAP Reports – Each apprentice submits two reports to NAP: 1) a one-page personal introduction, due the second week of the apprenticeship, and 2) a three-page final report and a copy of the completed skills checklist, due November 1.

For more information and to apply, visit: www.quiviracoalition.org/newagrarian 

For questions, contact newagrarian@quiviracoalition.org


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