After the Alarm: Responding to our Climate Emergency (event recording, October 13, 2022)


In 2019, local governments in Waterloo Region joined hundreds of cities, townships and regions around the world in declaring a climate emergency. But declaring an emergency is one thing. Acting like it’s an emergency is an entirely different matter. This recording is of an event that took place on October 13, 2022, exploring the profound question: What are the signs that our cities & townships are acting like it’s the emergency they say it is?

This event was co-hosted by 50by30WR, Faith Climate Justice WR, The Working Centre, and Divest Waterloo.

Event host:
Isaiah Ritzmann, The Working Centre

Sabah Ibrahim, Ontario Organizer, Climate Emergency Unit
Debbie Chapman, Ward 9 Councillor, City of Kitchener

Note on video title:
For some reason, YouTube is not recognizing our intended title for this video, and has instead arbitrarily replaced it with the title “English Subtitles”. We have tried to follow up with YouTube to have this fixed, with no response. Hence, while we regret there being this odd title for the video, please simply know, the actual title which is reflected in the video itself should be: ” After the Alarm: Responding to our Climate Emergency (event recording, October 13, 2022)”

Accessibility note:
As there were some technical issues in livestreaming during the event, we have tried to edit this video recording for improved clarity as best as possible, including by adding subtitles throughout. We suggest you turn on the subtitles if they are not already by clicking the ‘CC’ button at the bottom right side of the video.

Together, we hope that the addition of subtitles allows the amazing speakers who so kindly gave their time to participate in this event to communicate their messages even more clearly. We deeply appreciate the speakers’ time, and thank you as a viewer for your patience.


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