A Tour of My Small Urban Garden In Kampala Uganda # urban farming.


A Tour Of My Small Urban Garden In Kampala Uganda.
Hello everyone, I hope all is well but if otherwise I’m sending my best wishes.
Gardening has been my passion since I was a little girl.
I would plant any seed that I wanted regardless if it’s edible or not, I need not also think about the size of the plant I was planting as I would plant a seed of a to be huge tree just by the verandah.
I’m amazed by how a seed as little as a sand cristal can grow into a big tree.
This passion is still burning in me even in my adulthood. nothing has changed I’m still planting any seed hoping it will grow and not discouraged by the ones that don’t get to germinate.
I am learning a lot about the best way to grow my plants and vegetable and YouTube has played and still paying asignificant role in this.
My urban gardening here in Kampala Uganda has bits of everything like vegetables, edible fruit trees non edible trees, and herbs.
Over time my knowledge about gardening has improved and so has my garden.
I’m Soo excited to show you my small urban garden in Kampala Uganda.
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kind regards.


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