A Successful Vertical Farming Business – ft Waleed Arshad | S2 Ep 4 | Makkaan Kay Mehmaan – Podcast


A Successful Vertical Farming Business – College Dropout’s Journey of Vertical Farming in Saudi Arabia and USA – ft Waleed Arshad | S2 Ep 4 | Makkaan Kay Mehmaan – Podcast

In today’s podcast we explore the innovative techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and transformative potential of vertical farming. Join us as we engage in insightful conversations with Mr Waleed Arshad along with our host Mr Shehnoor Ahmed.

Welcome to Makkaan Kay Mehmaan, In this episode, we dive deep into the captivating journey of Waleed Arshad, a dropout to becoming a Vertical Farming Business Owner.

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How to start vertical farming business?
How to create vertical farming plant in Pakistan?
How to create vertical farming plant?

Watch the Podcast to see the answers.

In this engaging conversation, we explore the challenges faced by Waleed Arshad as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Discover the groundbreaking techniques and cutting-edge technologies they have implemented to optimize Vertical Farming Business.

Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Waleed Arshad’s remarkable success story, where they have revolutionized the agricultural landscape by harnessing the power of technology and innovation. With a passion for sustainability and a commitment to feeding the world in a smarter, more efficient way, Waleed Arshad has built an empire in the vertical farming industry.

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