A short video on Climate Change Perth


Perth is a city in Western Australia that is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Some of the impacts that Perth is facing or is likely to face in the future include:

More frequent and severe heatwaves, which can lead to heat-related illnesses and deaths, as well as increased air pollution
Changes to rainfall patterns, which could lead to more intense storms and flash flooding
Changes to the distribution and abundance of plants and animals, which could affect the health of natural ecosystems and the services they provide
Changes to the ocean currents and temperature, which could affect marine life and ocean chemistry
Increased risk of bushfires due to higher temperatures and drier conditions
Reduced water availability
To address these impacts, the city of Perth is implementing a number of initiatives, including:

Developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan to identify and respond to the impacts of climate change on the city
Investing in green infrastructure, such as parks and gardens, to reduce the urban heat island effect
Investing in renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Investing in flood protection measures such as building sea walls and raising the height of the floor of buildings in flood-prone areas
Promoting sustainable transportation options to reduce emissions and improve air quality
Implementing water conservation measures and water harvesting techniques to adapt to reduced water availability
Implementing fire-proofing measures in homes and communities to reduce the risk of bushfires
It’s important to note that the Western Australia government is also implementing various policies and initiatives to address climate change impacts in the state.


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