A short video on Climate Change & LA


Like Toronto, Los Angeles is also expected to be significantly impacted by climate change. Some of the specific challenges that the city is likely to face include more frequent and severe heat waves, increased risk of wildfires, and sea level rise that could threaten coastal areas.

To address these challenges, Los Angeles has implemented a number of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to the effects of climate change. One key strategy is to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The city has set a goal to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045.

Los Angeles is also working to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in buildings, as well as invest in public transportation to reduce vehicle emissions.

The city is also working to adapt to the effects of climate change that are already happening. This includes measures such as increasing the number of green roofs and walls, which can help to cool buildings and reduce the urban heat island effect. Additionally, the city is investing in infrastructure to improve stormwater management and reduce the risk of flooding. The city also has a plan in place to protect coastal areas and infrastructure from sea-level rise.

Overall, Los Angeles is working to become a more sustainable and resilient city, but it will require the cooperation and support of both the public and private sectors to achieve this goal.


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