A NBA Busts Bull$#!T & Lies Leads to the Bizness Defamation of a Black Farmer #BizGate Part 1


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Kwame Brown has had Beefs with more WOMEN than MEN on YouTube in the last year. – @GilsArena Shout out to Receipts

My Black Farmer Files: A Documentary of Failed Community Organizing by Public Figures & Influencers

I’ve been triggered for months now ‼️👏🏾
Biz or Bust $500 Winner Video – https://youtu.be/udS4EwiP_Yo

Watch my unfiltered reactions and other KWAME BROWN AINT SHIT content here:

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Biz or Bust Scandal Riff App Coin 💰 Review – https://youtu.be/HYnfYMnXFkA
Biz or Bust Scandal Riff Pt 2 – https://youtu.be/5qZJoCYLhS8
Biz or Bust Who Paid Farmer Nancy – https://youtu.be/XwGolleGbgE
Why Kwame Brown HATED on Farmer Nancy – https://youtu.be/Jzk1KgLRd78

Why Black Farmer Files? For a look into the oppression and silencing of Black Female Farmers. . Only through the shared experience, understanding, conversation, and promotion of food production will black communities begin to understand sustainability through reciprocity.

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*archived for the record

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