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How To Make a Terrarium – A Beginners Guide.

Terrariums don’t need to be complicated, after watching this video you’ll know exactly how to make your own self sustaining mini ecosystem! There are tons of plants that work wonderfully in terrariums but to keep it simple I’m limiting this list to plants that are more common, love the humidity of a glass terrarium with or without a lid and stay somewhat smaller in size. All of the plants listed here are easy beginner houseplants / tropical plants which anyone has the potential to grow successfully. Common houseplants that work well in terrariums mentioned in this video include : Fittonia Green, Fittonia red, ficus pumila, ferns, Cryptanthus, moss, tillandsias and syngonium. The Syngoniums are my favorite plants because there are so many different varieties to pick from. There are syngonium with variegated foliage, pink leaves, dark leaves and super dwarf varieties

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