9 Ways a Rooftop Farm Grows Food on a Urban Roof


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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits an amazing rooftop farm in St. Louis, Missouri to share with you 9 ways you can grow food on a rooftop.

In this episode, John will visit Urban Harvest STL and St. Louis’s First Urban Roof Farm in Downtown to give you a tour of the farm, and the various areas of the farm.

You will learn 9 unique ways they are growing food on this roof. You can use any of these techniques to grow on your roof, on your land or at your residence.

You will discover some of the best edible plants to grow that will provide lots of food with minimal amounts of work.

You will learn about growing food vertically and composting, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:10 Support Me by Purchasing a GYG Tee Shirt
02:50 Walking up stairs to the Food Roof Farm
04:36 Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Area
06:25 Community Garden Area – Raised Beds
07:03 Row Crops
08:36 How the
10:06 Raised Beds
10:50 How to Grow on a Roof if you are renting
12:01 Herbs: One of the most valuable foods you can grow
13:34 Earthboxes – Self Watering Containers
15:05 Growing in Garden Socks Growing Strawberries
16:45 Growing on a Wall to Grow Food Vertically
17:35 Garden Wall Close Up
18:49 Tower Garden – Hydroponic Gardening
21:11 Growing in a Container
23:24 Growing Food in a Greenhouse
24:40 How to Start Your Seeds in a Nursery Flat
28:22 What Plants Should You Grow?
31:30 Easiest Crop to Grow with the Least Work
34:01 Compost Your Food and Garden Waste
36:14 Storage Shed with Proper Supplies and Equipment
38:09 Interview of the Lead Farmer
38:40 Why did the rooftop farm get started?
39:30 How many farming sites do you have around St Louis?
40:26 Where does your food you grow go?
42:40 How to you make the money to keep the farm going?
44:50 How can you help people learn gardening with volunteers and interns?
47:29 Can you share a story on how you are getting people connected with food?
49:15 What are the top 3 crops to grow in St Louis?
50:57 How can Someone Volunteer or Make a Donation to Urban Harvest STL?

After watching this episode, you will learn 9 ways on how you can grow food on a roof, learn more about Urban Harvest STL, and much, much more.

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