8K 360° VR video walkaround Chilembe Village, Kankhulukulu, Malawi


8K 360° VR video of a walk around Chilembe Village, Kankhulukulu, Malawi.

Use the cogwheel to set the video quality to highest setting (8K/4320s on a PC/Mac or upto 4K/2160s on a mobile device) for the sharpest picture.

On a PC, use your mouse to scroll around.

On your mobile, move your screen around or swipe to look around.

Also viewable on a VR headset. For the best resolution, watch in a browser rather than the YouTube app.

Recorded on Wednesday 31st May 2023 using an Insta360 RS One Inch. Video upscaled to 8K and edited by Ian Maddock.

What does sustainable development in northern Malawi look like?
The new VR teaching resources we’ve developed will immerse students in the inter-related environmental and development issues facing this area, and help develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills. They will encounter rural and urban environments, identify climate resilient management practices, and interrogate the landscape for indicators of environmental change. They can also explore the nature of inequality and development and livelihood sustainability with the local community, and learn how conservation agriculture is contributing to nature-based solutions for catchment and wetland (dambo) management.

Students can explore landscapes using 360 videos and here is a short sample / teaser of some of these. They can also follow virtual tours that include high resolution 360 panoramas, 2D video and photos, and can carry out virtual interviews with real community members.
We’ll use these resources as part of our innovative and engaging teaching on our BSc Geography degree course.
We’re also offering VR activities for schools (on campus or at school) to support A level Geography classes. A Level curricula topics include:
• AQA: Ecosystems under stress; Changing Places; Population and the Environment; Resource Security
• OCR: Climate Change; Future of Food
• Edexcel: Global Development and Connections; The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

The video is one of many recorded as part of a Learning and Teaching funded project to create a virtual field trip to Malawi for University of Worcester undergraduate students taking degrees in Geography. The project is being led by Alan Dixon with additional virtual fieldwork resources being created by Des McDougall. Errol Dixon also provided excellent assistance in the field. For further details about out Geography degree, visit https://www.worcester.ac.uk/courses/geography-bsc-hons

Contact i.maddock@worc.ac.uk for more details.


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