77th CCT on The Heat Is On: Climate Change and Heat


July 27, 2021

Extreme weather events and projected rise in the global temperature are some of the most pressing runaway effects of climate change. Extreme heat has effects on public health, agriculture, biodiversity and contributes to several natural catastrophes. Mitigation of emissions is essential to lessen the heating effects and prevent more warming, but adaptation measures to combat the heat and its effects on welfare are key to achieve an equitable climate strategy.

Small societies and communities all over the world have found ways to adapt and combat the heat and its various effects. The 77th CCT hosted a discussion between experts on climate change, extreme weather, and adaptation, to explore ways local knowledge and technological advancements can come together to create a more sustainable way of adapting to the heat.

Dr. Zeinab Salah
Researcher at the Scientific Research Department at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority

Dr. Mohamed Salheen
Chairperson at Integrated Development Group (IDG)

Dr. Marwa Dabaieh
Associate Professor at the Department of Urban Studies at Malmo University

Dr. Heba Allah Khalil
Professor of Sustainable Urbanism at Cairo University

Lilly von Stackelberg
Coordinator at Cairo Climate Talks (CCT)


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