768: Integrated Pest Management – A Garden Chat


In This Garden Chat:

Integrated pest management is a concept that looks at all the ways of managing pest pressure and uses the least impactful one first. Greg talks with Teresa Watkins about how to use the least harmful method of pest control to the environment first, which could mean picking off insects off the plants, or even spraying aphids off a plant with water. It means using the best management practices to help prevent pests or diseases before they arrive.


Our Special Guest:

Theresa is a garden author, landscape designer, horticulturist and radio personality. She had the honor of designing the landscape for the first certified green home in Florida. Theresa taught Florida friendly principles for the University of Florida and was instrumental in developing the Florida Water Star Water conservation and certification program.

She is the host of the podcast, Better Lawns and Gardens, plus her first gardening book series A Gardener’s, compendium: Gardening in a Twitter world in 140 characters or more is available at bookshops, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and on Theresa’s website.


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