767: Bugs, Disease, Weather and Animals – A Seed Chat


– What we may expect in the next few years

– What mental approach to take to challenges

“In order to have local food, we need local seeds”

– Get diversity into your gardens
– Grocery shopping in your yard
– Market and farm stands are coming back

– Saving seeds that work in disasters will strengthen our whole food system

– The dacha gardens of the Soviet Union

– Black Stem Rot fungus disaster

“The one thing I wish I could do more is what Joseph Lofthouse (author of Landrace Gardening) does, and that is look more closely”

– He just learned to train your eye to observe, ..Invite in disaster and learn to look really carefully

– The story of the Bitter Gene in Cucumbers

– Grow the crops you like from different regions and get ahead of the score

 “Go hard on them”

– Epigenetics and seeds

– The wonderful volunteers

We need everybody everywhere on small scales, learning how to adapt and grow local food that actually works with the climate as it evolves in their own areas.

– Nate, the organic farmer from Southern Idaho’s, corn story

“It’s not enough just to save your own seeds now; you got to share them with your seed exchange or your local library. Make sure everybody starts to get it.
And then … we have another responsibility: we need to be seed teachers. – Bill 

– The beauty of attitude in the garden

– How cool to keep seeds


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