760: Pro Gardening Tips – The Urban Farm Podcast


In This Garden Chat:

This month we will chat with our friend and author Zach Loeks about his tips and tricks for getting the most out of your garden. He is willing to share some of what he learned managing his award-winning farm


Our Special Guest:

Zach grew up on a permaculture homestead in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Working alongside his family, he was immersed in a permaculture design and started his own edible landscape company. He started an organic market garden in Ontario, Canada serving over 300 community supported agriculture (CSA) vegetable baskets, for over a decade and is a three-time Agra award-winning grower. Zach is an innovator of edible ecosystem design, a unique system for organized biodiverse land management. Zach has also published three books, on food system design, and is working on his fourth.


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