756: Richard Heinberg on Power, Energy, and Climate Change


Our Guest:

Richard is a senior fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He’s an author, educator, and lecturer, and has spoken widely on energy and climate issues to audiences across the globe. He’s the author of fourteen books, including the most recent Power Limits and Prospects for Human Survival, along with his podcast of the same name. He is widely published in Nature, the Wall Street Journal and literary review, and has delivered hundreds of lectures on energy and climate issues to audiences on six continents, addressing policymakers at many levels.

Listen in and learn about:

  • What brought Richard to his focus on power and agriculture
  • our reliance on fossil fuels in the food system
  • the 10:1 energy deficit ratio
  • The other problem with fossil fuels
  • looking at the carrying capacity of the earth
  • explaining the concept of “overshoot” and how that relates to humans
  • how climate changes fits in
  • what he found when they were looking for renewable energy
  • why airliners wont change to a renewable fuel
  • how we need to transform our food system
  • making it a national priority
  • young farmers for the future
  • permaculture can provide some of the answers

“So, for the listeners, if you haven’t taken a permaculture design course, I highly recommend it!”  –Richard Heinberg

  • More on his book Power Limits and Prospects for Human Survival
  • His limited run podcast Power Limits and Prospects for Human Survival 
  • How we get past overshooting for the next century
  • the prudent predator theory
  • unconventional resources

Books that Richard Recommends and others he mentions:

An Inconvenient Apocalypse by Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen

How to Get In Touch with Richard:

Websites: RichardHeinberg.com

Writings: Resilience.org


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