749: Mayaan Chelsea and Scotty Karaa on Ritual Farming


Our Guest:

Maayan and Scotty are a husband-and-wife team living in community at SunSong Community in Barnardsville, North Carolina. Maayan is a mother, Earth steward, Flower grower and belly feeder, while Scotty is a farmer, orchardist, and community weaver. Together they co-founded Soul Gardens, an organization that hosts programs and workshops that connect people to the Earth and the source of their nourishment. Soul Gardens offers a 7-month long, once a week Ritual Farming Immersion that immerses adults in deep care for the Earth, growing and preserving food, working together in community, and connecting to the cycles & rhythms of the seasons.

Listen in for these great quotes:

3/4 of our food comes from the garden – Mayaan

And we use the garden and the earth as a mirror to look at ourselves and look at our own soul’s growth and where we’re at in our lives. – Scotty

These different rituals and practices build cultural topsoil where there’s a group of people who know these songs, they know these rituals – Mayaan

Book recommendation:

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmer

Trees of Power by Akiva Silver


You can find Mayaan and Chelsea at:

Website: SoulGardensLove.org

Facebook: Soul Gardens

Instagram: Soul Gardens Love


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