720: Chris Sabbarese on Tools and Farming


Our Guest:

Chris Sabbarese is the marketing, communications and social media strategist for Corona Tools, a leading global brand and manufacturer of quality garden and landscape tools since 1928.  He joined the organization in 2010, and manages the brand experience with end-users across all forms of digital & print media.  Chris also serves as the executive director of GardenComm, a non-profit membership organization made up of green industry communications professionals.

Listen in and learn about:

    • 14 years in the audio technology sector, and then a rough patch
    • Finding a position at Corona Tools the old fashioned way – in the newspaper
    • What Chris did when he didn’t get the job, and the magic it created
    • The first tool made by Corona Tools
    • How to measure your hand and choose the right tool for the job
    • When (and why) you should use a bypass pruner
    • For dead branches, use an anvil pruner
    • The importance of ergonomic tools
    • The best investment for maintaining your tools
    • Disinfecting your blades between trees – and why you should never use bleach
    • The distinctive sound of progress, unique to Corona tools
    • The one about a man in Palm Springs and his one Corona tool
    • Connecting the communications industry with the individuals doing the work:   GardenComm, a nonprofit, membership organization for communicating the value of gardening
    • Corona’s new X series tools – forged aluminum to be lightweight

As well as:

His failure – Not believing in himself enough to take risks sooner

His success – Realizing he can believe in himself and make opportunities happen

His drive – Finding ways to tell stories and connect with people

His advice – “Always be kind.”

Chris’ Book recommendations:    

Start with Why by Simon Sineck

How to reach Chris:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/csabbarese

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/csabbarese

Corona Tools Website: https://www.coronatoolsusa.com/



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