711: Holiday Gardening Gifts – The Urban Farm Podcast


– Organic Compost  

– Fresh or dried herbs from your garden

 Dehydrated Herbs – see blog post here

– Herb combinations and seasoning mixes

– Garden products with an accompanying recipe

– Jams and Jellies – always a favorite

– Herb plants or other transplants

– Herb salts like Rosemary or Oregano, best with rock or sea salt

– Infused sugars like lavender or vanilla, with recipes like lavender lemonade or vanilla coffee

– Herbal vinegars – include an expiration date of 2-3 months if using fresh herbs

– Vinegar based cleaning products

– Pesto – think outside the box: Basil, Cilantro, Kale, and more

– Silicon trays

– Herb butters with recipe cards

– Grain Bundle from GASU

– Seed collections 

– Garden baskets with seeds and tools

– Gift certificates to Seed Up or other gardening sites

– Bouquets of flowers from aromatic herbs

– Bags of fresh citrus

– Candied citrus

– Dehydrated citrus

– Grape leaves, fresh or pickled

– Rosemary Cornbread


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